Laura Angeline Violet Darcy


how do you show up for yourself?
my whole life, i have been FASCINATED with people. 
the way in which we reside in our bodies & move through the world.

i am an Architect of Home. 
i stand strong for mental health. MINDFUL MOVEMENTS. 
i am a feelings first, yoga (student) and teacher. 
i am creative expression IN MOTION. 
I am ignited by people and their INHERENT presence. 
I am a Human Narrative Photographer, compelled by the discovery of personal story. 
I take inspired action from the seat of my HEART. 
i am a complete goofball. 

& through all of this, 
i am still discovering all of the pieces of me. 

i have learned,
Home is not a location
it is a trusted sense of self
It's wild and free and ever changing.

I am honest. 

I didn't always honour and love all of my pieces. 
At moments I hid from my story. 
At times i felt I was "too much" and "not enough"
tightly pinched into one DISCONNECTED body. 
& I broke. i learned to Shine light on the darkness to love the foundations of my own home. 

My Roadtrip Home | Vancouver has been my roadtrip back home to myself.  
Moving into it's MOUNTAINOUS landscape HAS BEEN powerfully life shifting, challenging me to explore the vastness and strength of my own. 

i grew up in the comforts of a small town. Comfortably unaware of the roadblocks I had placed in my own way and the headspace my crafted stories were taking up.
without realizing, i was playing small & it was in that small space that i learned how to retreat from my own body, CREATING A NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIP TO THE CONTAINER that MY HEART BEAT IN. 
this was the first time i left home. 

the second happened 4 years ago. 
I had a pull. a feeling so strong i moved my half-awake life solo to vancouver. i left all things familiar, built and learned. 

i spent the next few years breaking myself open and stripping down my walls. I became honest with myself, RECOGNIZing i had let my light grow so dim, trying to strike a flame on the EXPECTATIONS of ANOTHER's match.
it was a battle that landed me in a haze of smoke, so thick i lost my spark in the process. 

I DECLARED this was the last time i would leave home.  
it was admist my own smokescreen, thAT i waved my white flag. 

i got real. 
VERTEBRAE by VERTEBRAE i reconstructed my backbone.
the wider I opened the more in touch i felt.
with days of self-forgivness and trusT i REMEMBERED RESILIENCY and what it felt like to have the freedom OF self-awarness AND a CONNECTION BACK TO MY BODY. 

I let walls down to love bigGER. I played everyday for perspective. i leaned into people AND FOUND courage to lean into myself. 
I met myself right where I was, as I was and I surrendered to my own expectations.
i felt it. deep in my belly. a thud in my heart and a clarity in my mind. the moment i came back home to myself. 

I began to find comfort in the softness of my own skin, simply by trusting i was already enough. 
iT WAS IN THE UNRAVELING I found and fell in love with myself again. 
it is a REMEMBRANCE. THAT you are enough, simply because you are.


this right here, is my why.