feel, it’s your bodies way of calling you home.

feel, it’s your bodies way of calling you home.
i’ve learned to welcome safety back into my bones, to let the mummers of my heart whisper the wisdom i needed to hear, feeling allowed me to i uncover what was real for me. when i slowed down enough to listen, I learned from lessons i had hid from.
i didn’t always love + honour all of my pieces. 
i’ve felt scared, unsure + lost in my mind trying to figure life out in my head instead of feeling through it in my body. i tried to craft life in my mind, instead of touching into it with my own sacred hands. 

because feeling can be scary + we’ve been conditioned to think a whole lot of clouded nonsense about feelings, and how it makes us less than. 
less than what?
we’ve spent a lot of our lives being told we shouldn’t feel + that we will be a stronger + more established when we have ‘ourselves put together.’
so where’s the disconnect?
feeling is the very thing that allows us to understand ourselves. feelings are information. 
to collect all of our pieces, to become who we are.

i’ve always felt a lot, but i wasn’t always made safe to feel. growing up i was told i was ‘too sensitive’ that feelings made me weak.
i crawled out of my body + into the stories of my mind, to feel less. which in turn made me feel, less than. i looked for worth in the doing + forgot what it meant to embody worth simply by remembering to be. 
self-worth is found in the remembrance of our own sacred being + trusting it.
choosing to see yourself exactly as you are, isn’t always easy- it requires us to feel, the whole spectrum of emotion that our bodies have the capacity to hold.

this body, it feels deep.
it cries when it witnesses another grieving + receiving the love they deserve. i cry a lot- it’s my bodies way of leaning in + letting go. feeling gives voice to needs + desires. .
it takes courage to feel, it takes strength to soften. 
feeling calls us to get real about the human experience we are having + it asks us to welcome in lost pieces of our stories.
our bodies need us to feel, it’s actually the strongest thing we can do. 
let’s change our relationship to feeling. 
feel, it’s your bodies way of calling you home.

Laura Darcy