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we spend a lot of time fitting stars into squares. changing ourselves, to entertain another.

we so quickly cut down our own edges, to ensure they will perfectly fit into the confines of another's outline.
we long to belong and in that space we begin to lose ourselves.

we’re doing ourselves a disservice, shrinking into the circumference of another’s container only cutting ourselves down in the process.
we find ourselves pinched, compressed and with no room to breathe life into the the intricacies of who we are becoming.

it's in this process of external belonging, we internally detach from ourselves.
don't sever ties from the very pieces that make you whole. 
you’re forcing what’s not meant to fit.

in it's place, fold into yourself. 
invite yourself in. 
explore the container of your embodiment and soften into the outline of your own edges.

hold space for yourself. 
breathe into your becoming. 

Laura Darcy