last week i pulled the bus over on the side of the highway.
heart beat mimicked the pace of speeding cars as i swung open the side door.
quicker than i could pull my keys out of the ignition, i ran barefoot across paved yellow lines. 
i ran towards the closet body of water - only to meet meet the depths of my own. unbuckled. stripping flower coveralls down sun bathed legs - i took the plunge. 

ice water enveloping my bare torso, i felt an acceptance of my body that was previously unmet. 
it was here i washed my soul clean of any disconcerting notions that my skin and my bones were not enough to feel the rush of life within them. 


we hold back. losing ourselves in the tides of our minds tsunamis. 
wash your stained stories clean. walk yourself to the river and give permission come clean. 
find shelter here. touch source. as you feel each toes dip into pebbled sands watch the ripples that emit and rid of the excess, clearing any time you were made to feel you weren't gorgeous.


make every new step barefoot. sole to soul to embrace every sun kissed freckle that makes you the ocean you are. 

cranbrook, b.c 05 / 15 / 18


Laura Darcy