soften ; let love in.


love needs a safe
space to land.

i’m learning to be softer these days.
to breathe compassion into my resistance. 
sometimes, because of past experiences that have left us tender we begin to sub-consciously create hard edges around our hearts to ensure they don’t crack open + pour out all over again.
so instead of feeling deeper, we resist what has the potential to be good, light + full of feeling at all. 
we control our realities out of fear (valid) of being hurt or wrong + we disconnect with what may have the opportunity to feel warm again.
we can miss the invitation of life’s current realities trying to micromanage or safeguard our own.
what if in moments of resistance, we choose softness? 
we choose to let it be + let it in. 
we choose to remember that we deserve to feel good.
we extend our palms open, tilt our heads back + let feeling good have a space to enter into our bodies.
it’s in the softest of places, the light finds its way in once again, we just have to have the courageous conversations with ourself to let it, even in the hardest of spaces.
through softness we learn to reclaim our relationship to love.

Laura Darcy