day one : 2019

Date: January 01 2019
Location: Riding Mountain National Park
Local Time: 12:34pm
Soundtrack: Matt Corby - Miracle Love
Tasting Notes: Salted Cashew Coffee ( tasting notes below )
Feeling: Grounded in my body and falling in love, dreaming of my own life.

new years eve 2018.
-45 degrees. 
snowsuits and bottles of champagne. 
bonfire crackles louder than could span the frozen waters we kissed upon, as the green shimmer of the northern lights danced around us. 

morning came faster than i could anticipate, as i crawled out of the nestled sheets beside you to catch the sunrise, a promise i had made to myself as the new year trickled in. i slowly tip-toed up the creaking wood stairs until my toes found the plush of the carpet that spanned across the living room floor and my knees sunk into its comfort.  i perched my body against the cold sill of the frosted window and watched. witnessed. remembered.

matt corby - miracle love. floods repeat in the background.
“bring back that miracle love. it’s so hard to believe but i barley can see where we came from. ”

sunlight kissed the edges of the path that walked us home earlier that morning, and i could still hear the echos of the embers burning as another year caught flame.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 1.17.43 PM.png

my body held captive by the landscape painted

in-front of me.
my bones soulfully remembered what i was made to be a part of.

the frozen lake, a blank canvas, echos to the possibility ahead. 
my soul yearns to wash clean in the spanning wisdom of large bodies of water and aches to be towered over by trees that hold knowledge bigger than my mind has space for, who’s roots remind us of just how transient life really is and how tiny but necessary we really are.

i’m called here. 
back to my roots. 
back to my true nature. 
remember me? she whispered. 

the girl that sparked her own flames so bright they spread like wildfires disguised as chills across bodies, the one who light up burnt out living rooms with the energy of her laughter. 

yeah her. 
well this ones for her. 
“we got carried away, all the love that I was blind to.” the song whispered back. 

( + ) morning mantra : i am the whispers of my heart.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 4.11.14 PM.png

Tasting Notes: Salted Cashew Coffee

1 cup of your favourite beans
.5 cup of raw soaked cashews
1 tsp maca powder
1 pinch of rock salt ( optional )
blend + sprinkle cinnamon ontop to taste.

sip slow.

Laura Darcy