week one : 2019

day 02

Date: January 02 2019
Location: Chez Angela Bakery and Cafe
Local Time: 11:46am
Tasting Notes: started the morning with a large glass of water + lemon. to cleanse my weary soul.
Feeling: questioning alignment.


redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.
redefining + rediscovering.

last night before i tucked into my second sleep in my new studio apartment, white walls began to tower around me as yellow street lights burned into my window and cast stern shadows upon my collarbones-
pressing into my chest as i drew ink to paper -

“ what am I doing ? ” work blew through my mind and the new years tongues and expectations gnawed at my bones.
thoughts of uncertainty echoed like church bells in the night, through my mindspace.
my soul feels like its questioning everything.

this morning i woke up - tired and overwhelmed from the whirlwind of my spinning mind. my hands slid down the softness of my sheets + i placed both hands on my beating heart.

“ it’s not about the doing - it’s about the being and you’re already here. “
body where are you moving to so fast?

it’s all coming for you - this call to your highest self and the universe is going to hold you.
i softened back into my bones, as i reminded myself it’s okay to re-write the script.
to re-create the plan for what serves today’s dreams of brighter light.
i took a moment to recognize how drastically the roadtrip home - has shifted my geographical location of home and everything that surrounded it’s shelter.
honour the process and grieve letting go of the plan.
grieve and open space to feel something more.
the plan has got you to exactly where you need to be - and now you’ve grown bigger then that plan can hold you to.
as we release - expectations of who we thought we should be to step into the next phases of who we are becoming
we choose to meet ourselves on the path, when we find our truth in trusting.

rolling over to bathe in the support of the sunlight seating into my window- my open palm knocked the remnants of last nights cocoa onto the carpet below-

time out.
i think its time for a tea.

day 03

Date: January 03 2019
Soundtrack : Long Distance Kindness Bomb Podcast with Janne Robinson.
Location: Open Hearts Wellness Studio
Local Time: noon.
Feeling: alignment.

it’s landing, sweeter now.
rested body.
morning movement as the sun returned to kiss my skin.
i drew a bath as I brewed a coffee + cued a podcast.
romancing myself - with the luxury of slowing down to create space for what’s ahead.

as heavy waters spiralled into the drainpipe the bare silhouette of my body mirrored back to me -
we are the strongest when embodying the insides of our outlines- not the identities we choose to wear ontop of them.

the truest embodiment of self.
the most influential teachers are the ones who remember they are influential by the way in which they choose to move through the world.

the eyes they meet - when they choose to show up, choosing love in the face of fear - standing tall despite everything else, there they are.

wet footprints gave me away as i tiptoed out the of bathtub to grab my journal - inspiration soaked in with the suds, as i released expectations of where i told myself i needed to be.

and softened into who i am becoming.

day 04


tasting notes:
carrot ginger miso dressing

1 clove garden fresh garlic
1 small “nub” of ginger.
2 small garden picked carrots - chopped fine.
2 tbsp of local maple syrup

( tapped on site )
1.5 tbsp miso
1 tbsp extra virgin oil
1/2 cup of hot water

blend together
+ spread with love.

Date: January 04 2019
Soundtrack: Iron and Wine -Call it Dreaming
Location: a dear friends home - a safe haven.
Local Time: potluck time.
Tasting Notes: brown rice bowls with carrot ginger miso dressing.
Feeling: the nourishment of sisterhood.

inspiration whispered around us - as we showed up, unraveled, uncoiled and washed ourselves clean of expectation, in the hands of belonging.
a healthy digestion of the moments we live.
fed full though concious conversation and togetherness.
calling to our lips the fruition of what it means to be whole.

Laura Darcy