make it sacred offering 

>> here is a sneak peak of a guided morning meditation from the home flow series >>

it’s time to come back home.

Begin your morning WITH INTENTION BY CREATING a sacred RITUAL of self.
Home Flow 7 Day Series.

It's sweetness includes
accessible + gentle movement videos.
grounding guided audio meditations with calming breath awareness
and a luxurious guided cocoa ceremony + recipe.
Personally created to offer you an open space, permission and the guidance to come back home to the safety and brilliance of your own beautiful body.

Payment Options Include E-transfer for CDN and PayPal Invoicing for US Funds.
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Home Flow Series

I lay my body down, sweetly upon the earth as I place one palm open wide on on my belly and the other placed gently upon my heart. 
I begin to breathe deep. 
I feel the gentle wave of my inhale slowly travel into the edges of my torso as my exhale allows me to fully soften. I am safe here, fully held exactly as I am - in all of my pieces. 
As my whole body continues to sink into the support underneath me, I find stillness. I begin to hear the sweet whispers of my heart. 

" I'm tender. " she spoke, I need you to be with me, to hold me a little closer and remind me just how seen, loved and valued I really am. 
Warm tears begin to run down my cheekbones. 
" I love you." SHE WHISPERED.
" I love you. I whispered back to her

This began, my journey home. 

sending you all of my love, I look forward to connecting deeper - so soon.