"my hands crafted the strength of her foundation.
my heartbeat imprinted into the cracks of her floors.
with every curve in the road my spirit makes its way through the cracks of her windows.
i expand with every swift turn of her wheel.
thousands of daydreams built prayers into the insulation of her walls.
it’s in the wild unknown that i meet myself completely untethered.
it’s here, admits my unravel that i’ve built home.
honour the process and fall in love with the empire your heart will create.
here she is, my tiny perfectly imperfect home."

tiny home : 
1997 ford e-350 super duty 7.3L turbo diesel truck || built with the casing of a tiny white bus on top. 
she is 9ft 3" / 2.82 meters, high in clearance. 
she is solar panelled, meaning all of our energy on the road is fuelled by the sun. (we’re soul mates )
LJ sleeps three comfortably (slumber parties welcomed)
fully functioning kitchen with sink, table & stove to cook family dinners.
& a stand up desk EQUIPPED with a typer to write about all of the moments in between.